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Animal Communication, Psychic Readings & Energy Healing with Cheri Michelle

August 28, 2021
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My name is Cheri, pronounced like the fruit cherry. I’m an empath, intuitive, oracle card reader, animal communicator (connecting with pets living or in spirit), and animal healer. I use various modalities, including Reiki, pendulum healing, EFT tapping, chakra clearing, and crystal grids. I’m adept at reading the energy in people and situations which helps to bring clarity for people. My main passion is animals. I’m a big animal lover and people often see me stepping over ants on the street. I’ve always felt a deep connection with animals, and it didn’t really dawn on me that we were communicating telepathically all these years. I’ve since learned to open myself up further to their messages and develop my senses so that I may be a better bridge between the animals and their guardians. I now offer animal communication sessions. I’m very heart centered and compassionate, and nothing makes me happier than to share my love and light, be uplifting, and fill people with hope. I also offer a 10% discount on any service with coupon code 'sakura10' for The Divine I AM group members. Sending you much love! *** Donations are much appreciated, but not required. *** ____________________________________________________________________________

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Disclaimer: Intuitive Readings and Energy Healings should never be used in place of professional advice, this live show is for entertainment purposes only.

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