The Divine I AM

Beautiful Channeled Messages For The Collective & Individual Oracle Card Readings with Isis Kilmer & Aaron Kilmer

October 27, 2021
Aaron Kilmer: I am a Psychic/Intuitive with a great sense of humor. I am an Oracle card reader and Channeler. I love to help people by bringing messages, to them, for their greater good. I am a graduate of My Mystical Life's "Late Bloomers Intuitive Development" class, along with quite a few other classes and courses, that are offered by the wonderfully talented Lisa Fry. Because I believe that one never stops learning, I am constantly learning and pushing myself to gain more knowledge in all aspects of things. I have always had an interest in the mysteries surrounding our existence. I have always loved seeking out the answers, to the seemingly unanswered questions we all have. I am always open to exploring this and helping other to understand.

Isis Kilmer: Isis is a Psychic-Medium, Energy Practitioner, Shamanic apprentice, and Spiritual Mentor. She identifies as a student of the universe who is passionate about helping others and is pursuing her certification as a Spiritual Life Coach. She feels called to offer spirit led guidance through intuition and card reading to others who are curious and/or developing on their own journey to invest in their spiritual health and personal growth.

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