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Black Salt Spell to Clear Negative Energies & Intuitive Readings with Tami Anne Strochak

August 28, 2021
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My name is Tami. I am an energy and Reiki healer, psychic, empath. As well as an eclectic witch who thru the craft using combined energies of certain herbs, crystals and chants help get the desired results. I use only pure intent with love and light and energy. I also heal with Reiki. Animals and people. My passion is to help heal those who have suffered abuse as I have. Spirit told me one day while I was running and crying during my run to take all of the sorrow, insecurity, all of the pain, all of the past , to take it and have it pour through me, throughout my hands, turning the sorrow into gold, turning it into Alchemy of strength to come out of my hands to heal!! I use this modality to heal with energy, love and power! I also use this in card readings and witchcraft. My card readings from Spirit give the key to help coach and guide. Putting this all together becomes very powerful and wonderful! I also Channel passed love ones. I get messages from Spirit and downloads. Sometimes they come in my dreams, or the next day. I am here to help guide with different modalities. ___________________________________________________________________________

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