The Divine I AM

Channeled Intuitive Messages & Energy Healings with Allyson

November 14, 2021
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Allyson is an intuitive channel and energy practitioner. Through intuitive and channeled information and energy work, Allyson facilitates multi-dimensional physical and emotional healing, helps you to reconnect with your divine nature, and activates significant energetic shifts that will help you align with your intended life path. Allyson has a special connection to the Angels and can not only help you connect with your guardian angels, but can also channel the information and guidance they most want to bestow upon you. Allyson has been highly intuitive her entire life and has learned how to use her intuitive and energetic gifts to help others through ongoing study. She is a graduate of both the Intuitive Intensive, the Energetic Intensive and the Channeling Intensive of The Lightworkers Lab and is a Certified Intuitive Reader. Allyson feels that her work with the Divine Light and Universal Energies of healing is her true life’s calling, and she welcomes the opportunity to work with individuals seeking spiritual and intuitive insight and/or energetic recalibration in alignment with their truest self and highest good. Clients work with Allyson for enlightenment, alignment, healing, inspiration, recalibration, and transformation, among other things, and say that after a session, they feel lighter, happier and more energized. ______________________________________________________________
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