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Channeled Messages, Intuitive Readings & Energy Healing with Elissa Helfrey

August 28, 2021
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Elissa Helfrey is a dynamic and super fun high dimensional medium. Elissa focuses on compassion and universal love to connect your body and heart to higher dimensional energies to uncover your highest and greatest potential. She connects to your Higher Self, Guides, Gaia, the Archangelic realms and outer-worldly dimensions to channel messages for your greatest and highest good. Elissa currently offers her guidance regularly in The Lightworkers Lab and has graduated from the LWL 2019 Intuitive, Mediumship and Akashic Records Intensives as well as the 2019 Intuitive Intensive Certified Reader Program. Elissa was also a Gridder/Coach for the 2020 Intuitive Intensive. Mention this group when you Book your appointment for 10% off all services! ___________________________________________________________________________

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