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Light Language Channeling Activation, Clearing & Energy Healing with Louise Rhodes

August 28, 2021
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I'm a light language channel and can access information from galactic guides and prophets and the angelic and the dragon realms as well as departed loved ones and energies more typically accessed by mediums and clairvoyants. I use my ability to merge with the clients energy and conducts treatments by proxy (going into their experiences for them). I combine this ability to blend with the clients energy, and my ability to channel higher energies, with my expertise in regression therapy, spirit release and energy healing, to provide unique individual treatments. The treatments can include elements of spirit release, energy rebalancing, energy protection, fixing tears in the auric field, trauma reframe, clearance of past life karmic debts, curse removal as well as relief from pain and emotional difficulties. The treatments also often include shamanic practices such as soul retrieval and elements of Akashic Record reading. These treatments can be done remotely via video messaging services such as Zoom and do not require the clients presence and do not involve hypnosis techniques. Thus, channeling treatments can be utilised by clients all over the world and also by clients that cannot ordinarily access hypnotic states such as children, elderly and the infirm and those with additional needs that would normally exclude them from utilising hypnosis based treatments. ________________________________________________________________________________

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