The Divine I AM

Moose Magic Light Language Channeled Healing-Individual Authority & Self Esteem by Nelle Mack

August 30, 2021

Hello my name is Nelle Mack and I am a 7th Dimensional Energy Healer and have my own healing Modality called SapphireStar Codes! I spend most of my time as a wife and mom of 5 beautiful souls, who I homeschool! The rest of my time, I spend making Energy Healings and Activations to help heal people and raise the Vibrations of the Collective! My very first Energy Healing Attunement, was given to me by the 7th Dimensional Pegasus that I had been working with! I am a Sapphire Child and Pleiadean Starseed, and my mission is to empower others to heal themselves! I also do readings, but my passion is my Energy Healing!

I run SapphireStarcodes, which is my Facebook business page. I also have a Facebook group called SapphireStar Codes, where people can experience my healings and attunements for free! I would love anyone to come join my group and see what I am all about! You can shop my Energy Healing and also my Daughter’s Intuitive Paintings at my website! The link is below!

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