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Sound Healing & Light Language for Self Love with Jen Cunnings

November 14, 2021
Sound Healing and Light Language for Self-Love One of the most powerful healing instruments is your voice! Most of us underestimate the power of our voice. We significantly under utilize the gift of sound that can resonate from your body. Your voice can be a magical healing instrument. When you transmit sound (humming, singing, toning etc.) with an intention, the frequency of that thought is infused and then amplified. You can magnify energy healing, manifesting and creating with the sound of your voice. We will also touch on light language and bring through and activation to assist you in opening up to channel light language which allows you to bring through divine energies. Join Jen Cunnings as she shares this beautiful gift of healing that you can take with you forever!

I am here to assist you in awakening to the truth of your being. I am here to remind you of the divine expression of your soul, while being on earth in a human body. I am here to help you let go of your past so you can be free to feel lighter and love more. I am here to teach you that your sensitivities are your strengths. I am here to help you remember that you are love and that is all you are. I have spent much of my lifetime healing my trauma, connecting to spirit and opening to my gifts. Beginning with energy healing classes 20 years ago, my journey has taken me all over the planet learning from teachers and masters to reawaken my magic and be the light guide I came here to be. I express myself and connect to my community through private sessions, online classes, sacred retreats, light language and sound journeys. I offer intuitive guidance, spiritual support, energy healing and light language activations. My hope is to be the clearest reflection of your inner being, so you can know the light that you are.

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